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Google Streetview in Japan

Google Japan just released this short animated that shows how Google Maps’ Streetview function actually works (if you didn’t already know).

Nintendo 8-bit external hard drive

Oh my God! These external hard drives are so cool! Imagine having one of these plugged in, it would totally make me smile every single day. They’re made by order and you can specify the specs and if you’re lucky they might be able to find your favorite game. I’d love to have a Megaman #1 hard drive. Get your very own over at Etsy.

Lego 8-bits stop motion

This one truly brings back some good memories! The 80’s come back, we miss you..sort of.

Lacoste Dot Fade


Seems like Lacoste been doing everything right lately. First they released their new and funky web site. And now their putting out their Dot Fade Collection. It’s the two models Ibiza and Carnaby that been totally rasterized where two colors nicely meet up. To launch it they made a smart animation showing the simplicity in the dots. We like it.

Nike SB – Debacle

Bild 4

If you followed us for a while you know that the RafrafGirls are suckers for skateboards and stuff. So here is Nike SB and their recently released movie Debacle. Not able to embed it though so click here to see it at DailyMotion. It’s in HD! :)

Interesting Ink Calender



The ink will slowly color each day of the month as time passes by. My first reaction was, I want one. I love the idea and think a live calender would be pretty neat to have.

The aim of the project is to address our senses, rather than the logical and conscious brain.

Designer: Oscar Diaz. Unfortunately it’s not available for purchase. But can be seen on display as part of SUEÑOS DE UN GRIFO. Diseño con alma de agua at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, 17 July – 11 October 2009.

Read more at DeZeen

Music Painting by JUL & MAT

This one really made me smile today. Such a lovely video and the tune just makes it even better.It’s the unofficial video for Metronomy – On the Motorway. And yes, on the motorway makes perfectly sense. Just love the colors as well. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Our designer friend Matt has a new site for his new design studio with his really nice work! We interviewed him earlier this spring. Take a look at his awesome stuff at Monorail™
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Social Media Venn Diagram Tee

“Unlocking the Awesome Potential of Behavioral Disorders.”
socialmediavenndiagram1socialmedia2via NotCot

Nike ID’s in the house

As a special treat and thank you from the guys at de-construct I was handed the opportunity to custom make a pair of Nike ID‘s. Today they finally arrived! It was so hard to decide what and how to design them. But I went with a lil hommage to Amsterdam and the agency. Also because I don’t have any orange sneakers so this was the time for it. Thank you guys! I miss you lots and lots.
Bild 10