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Paul Smith + Evian

Well , what can we say. Simplicity at its best.


Get Your Island On

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Malibu Rum just got out with a little funky feature. Now you can ‘Islandize’ and get that special Malibu feeling to any web site you like. Just add the Malibu link to your browsers link’s toolbar and click when ever you like. Great Works is the agency behind it and they’ve used the graphic artist Julia Pott for those lovely illustrations. Islandize your web here!

Mad Men Yourself

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Here’s your chance to get a touch from the tv-serie Mad Men. Make our own Mad Men avatar over at The site promotes the upcoming third season of Mad Men starting Aug. 16. We totally love the 60’s illustrations made by Dyna Moe.


Lacoste Dot Fade


Seems like Lacoste been doing everything right lately. First they released their new and funky web site. And now their putting out their Dot Fade Collection. It’s the two models Ibiza and Carnaby that been totally rasterized where two colors nicely meet up. To launch it they made a smart animation showing the simplicity in the dots. We like it.

Evian supports your body’s youth

Evian just released an ad with dancing/rollerskating babies. Might not look perfectly real ;) but it made me smile. Mostly because of the old school square wheels and choice of music. Actually I would expect something like this from Pampers not from a bottled water. They also launched a new site EvianLiveYoung
Agency: Euro RSCG

Here’s the ad

Here’s the break dancing baby teaser

The website
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Harvey Nichols Sale-Fighter

To promote Harvey Nichols Summer Sale DDB London re-created scenes from popular fighting games. Showing people dressed up in designer outfits fighting over the best bargains. Excellent!
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Quicksilver skates Youtube

Another tweak on using the Youtube window. Maybe not as wicked as the ExperienceWii but still a nice idea. Check it out!
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