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Awesome stickers!

Check out these fantastic stickers made by Hu2. So simple and clever. There’s loads more of them over at their web site.


AiAiAi + Sneaker Freaker earbuds

Just bought a pair of these. They’re just so loveable. Check out the color scheme! Using the corporate colors of Sneaker Freaker these little ones won’t pass by unnoticed. Get a pair of AirMax1’s from the Safari pack and you’re ready to rock your very own private dance floor waiting for the bus. :)

Made in collaboration between the Danish creative collective AiAiAi and the Australian sneaker site/magazine Sneaker Freaker. If you want to get your hands on a pair you better hurry since they’re limited edition. If you’re one of the lucky ones living in Sydney, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Oslo, Boston, NYC or LA keep your ears open for some launch events held for these buddies. Check out and buy them online at the AiAiAi web site.

Chunky Dunny

So it’s not all about vinyl. Brooklyn designer David Weeks is back and he’s made five (5!) Dunny’s, hand hewn out of zebra-striped hard pine. Each little fella’ is obviously one of a kind since the wood differs. If you want to get your hands of one of them you better sleep outside the Kidrobot store in NYC or be super quick to order one online when they’re released Tuesday September 22.

Nintendo 8-bit external hard drive

Oh my God! These external hard drives are so cool! Imagine having one of these plugged in, it would totally make me smile every single day. They’re made by order and you can specify the specs and if you’re lucky they might be able to find your favorite game. I’d love to have a Megaman #1 hard drive. Get your very own over at Etsy.

Lego 8-bits stop motion

This one truly brings back some good memories! The 80’s come back, we miss you..sort of.

The Man, The History of Flight

Michael Jordan. Air Jordan. Man. Shoe. Lots of memories. Check out the website “History of Flight” where you can follow his way to success and also how the Air Jordan developed over the years. Personally I’d loved to have all of the models in that light grey color featured in the pics. Imagine the coolness of the shelf with all grey ones in a row.
Bild 4

Eames+Bathing Ape!

Ok so this is it. This must be the perfect match between the Rafrafgirl’s interests. Cat is into Eames. And well I’m a fan of Bathing Ape. So this chair sort of represents us in a way :) Anyway, we think it’s nice collab and update of an iconic chair. Imagine having one of those thrown inbetween single colored chairs. Awesome!


Get Your Island On

Bild 4

Malibu Rum just got out with a little funky feature. Now you can ‘Islandize’ and get that special Malibu feeling to any web site you like. Just add the Malibu link to your browsers link’s toolbar and click when ever you like. Great Works is the agency behind it and they’ve used the graphic artist Julia Pott for those lovely illustrations. Islandize your web here!

Mad Men Yourself

Bild 10
Bild 12

Here’s your chance to get a touch from the tv-serie Mad Men. Make our own Mad Men avatar over at The site promotes the upcoming third season of Mad Men starting Aug. 16. We totally love the 60’s illustrations made by Dyna Moe.


Louis Vuitton + Takahashi Murakami

So so. One of our fav artists – Takahashi Murakami keep releasing awesome cuteness in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. When they launched their leather goods collection in Japan they handed out these cute plush toys together with key rings made for the occassion. You probably missed that event like the rest of us, but now you can get your hands on total cuteness over at Cliff Edge.