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Paul Smith + Evian

Well , what can we say. Simplicity at its best.

Google Streetview in Japan

Google Japan just released this short animated that shows how Google Maps’ Streetview function actually works (if you didn’t already know).

Lego 8-bits stop motion

This one truly brings back some good memories! The 80’s come back, we miss you..sort of.

The Man, The History of Flight

Michael Jordan. Air Jordan. Man. Shoe. Lots of memories. Check out the website “History of Flight” where you can follow his way to success and also how the Air Jordan developed over the years. Personally I’d loved to have all of the models in that light grey color featured in the pics. Imagine the coolness of the shelf with all grey ones in a row.
Bild 4


Many people are creating projects based on free Google tools, APIs, and Google brand as inspiration at large. Goollerygoollery is an online gallery dedicated to collect, archive and showcase some of the most creative, fun and innovative Google-related* projects from people around the world.

Goollery is an independent project by Ji Lee, Jeanelle Mak, Francisco Hui, Karishma Sheth and Andrew Bonventre.

Facial Profiler

Join Facial Profiler – an experiment that matches you with people who look like you.
Coke Zero has just launched Facial Profiler Recruit App. This application takes all your tagged photos on facebook, and uploads them to be analyzed for possible matches, people who look like you, scary, I know. You can find this application on, or
made by CP+B
Update please help my friend to make this work better by uploading your photo so the database grows bigger!coke_zero_facial_profiler_recruit

Design Management App

designmanagementapp_468via lunchbreath

Wolfram Alpha knows what is worth knowing

Bild 2
This is totally a geek post. But you have to admit it’s pretty neat- :) Ask Wolfram Alpha what’s the meaning of life is, and it responds with the answer – 42. Brilliant!

thanks JohanHedberg

Tag Cloud Your Followers

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Tag Cloud might have been one of the biggest buzz words during 2008. At TwitterSheep you can make a tag cloud out of your Twitter followers bios’. Quite simple..and well it just gives you a quick overview. Not very useful. Just for fun. :)

Social Media as a Venn Diagram