Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a Starbucks

Everyone has an opinion on Starbucks. Whether you like them or not you most likely to pop by and get yourself a coffee when ever you need your cafeine fix. For us Europeans (or should I say Swedes?) the coffee from a Starbucks shop is a bit…well dull. And weak. But maybe they’ll change that since they bought the Cloverfield machine.

Anyway. Seems like Starbucks finally picked up on the ‘local-going-back-to-the-roots’ trend. Setting up the very first coffee shop like ‘The Central Perk’ in Friends. Being around the corner, like a second home when ever you need it.

Last Friday a cute new coffee shop opened in Seattle, dubbed “15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea”–it’s one of those unique places that are being beaten out of business by big nasty Starbucks. Wait a second, it is a Starbucks.

So it says ‘Inspired by Starbucks’ in the window. But hey, what normal coffee shop owner would put up a text like that in the window? Of course Starbucks themselves. So this seems to be a new way of branding for Starbucks, making undercover stealth shops. They’ve always been good in listening to their customers, which made their community ‘My Starbucks Idea‘ really successful.

Well we most certainly haven’t seen the last attempt on stealth marketing. WHo will be next out on doing something like this? Do you have an example, get it into the comments and we’ll discuss it further.

Read full article at Fast Company


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