W+K=MAKE is an art exhibition and charity event celebrating the creativity within Wieden+Kennedy’s seven offices: Amsterdam, Delhi, London, New York, Portland, Shanghai and Tokyo. The show features over 100 artists from Wieden+Kennedy’s global network and their artwork, film & animation, and music. The show benefits Room to Read, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and enabling global education.

We just love agencies that take care of their employees and give them room for developing other sides than just the commercial part. Why don’t all agencies do this sort of things? The artist’s are all kinds of people from the agency not just the typical graphic designers. Which just make the project even more interesting. All the artwork can be purchased online at the site from 7th May. Remember we told you. Don’t miss 7th May!

Check W+K=MAKE and Room to Read


One response to “W+K = MAKE

  1. yes! i’m in the portland office and the show is looking impressive. most of the work came from “non-creatives” which is the most refreshing part.

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