Star Trek alternate reality game

Seems to be a lot secret stuff going on at the moment. Wired teamed up with J.J Abrams in their latest issue to create a magazine filled with secret codes to follow online/offline to solve a game.

So what do you get when you have a little bit of LOST, a little bit of Cloverfield mixed up with sci-fi? An alternate reality game. The new Star Trek movie is soon to kick off and to get it going, there’s a hidden game online. It’s been buzzing a couple of days now. Using binary URL’s and secret messages around at sites as the party photo site The CobraSnake (a personal fav of mine a might add) I’m not a trekker but this appeals to me. I would love to come up with something similar myself. Check out more info on the game and how it’s proceeding at Trekmovie.


These are the URLs:

The web addresses are binary code for “Ca”, “Al” and “O” … abbrviations on the Periodic Table for Calcium, Aluminium and Oxygen.

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