The 4 essentials for success

I came across this analogy over how Michael Roller see the members within a successful design team. And I must say it pretty much comes down to a similar selection of people in a creative team for advertising. Read more about the different personalities at his blog Strategic Aestethics.


The Evangelist
A design team without a visionary leader is like a church without a preacher.

The Conductor
To complement the Evangelist, every design team needs a leader who directs the finishing touches on each project. The Conductor’s analytical mind helps her to ensure that no detail goes unconsidered.

The Dreamer
When analytical minds struggle with paradoxical design constraints, the Dreamer cuts through it all to offer a surprisingly fresh attitude.

The Surgeon
So many great pieces of design rely on details. A great design team relies on the Surgeon – an analytical thinker who cuts up and dissects design problems to find the best solutions.

The Jack of All Trades (Master of None?)
Every team has designers with diverse skill sets, but the Jack of All Trades might be the most talented person in your office because he can truly do everything. Recent graduates make great “Junior Jacks,” because they can contribute on a variety of levels while they gain experience and become more aware of their greatest strengths.


2 responses to “The 4 essentials for success

  1. Thanks for the post! Good to know that this framework also works for advertising.

    • rafrafgirls

      Well I think it goes well with the creative process since it need both the structure and strategy but also the open minded visionary thinking to come up with new things.

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