David Engzell – Fi (Fantasy Interactive)

Woohaa, we have another nice little treat for you in our serie of “People we like”. We made David Engzell, Senior Designer at the great agency Fi (Fantasy Interactive) an offer he couldn’t resist – let’s talk about something that not includes your daily work. Give us a hint about who you are. And he sure came through with a cool looking piece for us.

Thanks David! We likes you! :)


David’s suggested link> Art. Lebedev Studio

7 responses to “David Engzell – Fi (Fantasy Interactive)

  1. I just love this post! <3 Please make the interviews a regular thing :-)

  2. Lovely visualization!

  3. I like this, a lot.

  4. Cool. He’s a tough one to follow… looking forward to your next piece. ;)

  5. DAVID your te best!!!!

  6. er… why is the arrow pointing at his crouch? especially where it says Jagger?

    oh well, i’m a fan anyway.

    just one thing: you’re welcome to quote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in english, just don’t forget the accent on the é in the name. haha.

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