Adidas collab with Patta

As Rafraf London already mentioned in a previous post I’m more of a Adidas girl, less Nike. And the latest weeks I’ve been thinking that Adidas should pay me as I wear their stuff daily. I look stupidly sponsored at some days. Haha.


Anyway, one thing I won’t miss is these little darlings. Adidas Mid Forum High, a collaboration with Patta. Patta is the legendary sneaker store here in Amsterdam. They also had their very own shoe in last years Adidas Consortium series where all sneaker stores worth mentioning around the globe represented their letter. Swedish sneakerheads at Sneakers’nStuff repped letter S obviously.

So. Back to the shoes. On Saturday the 4th of April they’ll launch these little precious ones. And it just happens to be so that the specific model Forum Mid High is my favorite high tops of Adidas. I’m just afraid the will cost a fortune. I’m guessing €130. Which is ok though.


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