Jolicloud soon in a netbook near you

I use my laptop mainly for writing and browsing online. No more no less. But I hate dragging it around. Makes my back hurt. I’ve been thinking of buying a netbook. But they just don’t cut it yet, do they? But moving into more and more of cloud computing it slowly starts to make sense. Maybe my next laptop won’t be the Mackbook Air. Here’s another of all those cloud services that’s starting to emerge online. Jolicloud. Not open yet though. But I don’t have a netbook yet either.

We love netbooks: they are cheap, compact, light and always connected via 3G.
What we didn’t like so much was the user experience so we decided to build our own.
We used Linux and made it boot faster and we optimized it for surf and cloud computing. We redesigned the interface and integrated some cool stuff. The next step is to let you try it out and have your opinion so together we can build the best netbook experience.



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