Creatives should always be on top

In reccession times and down turn a lot of agencies letting people go. And most often it’s the creatives and not the the ‘important’ accounts that has to leave. Since the accounts are the one bringing in the money and hold all the client contacts. Hmm. But most of all an agency lead by people who’s biggest interest is profit is rarely a happy agency to work at.

Anyway, we’re happy at Rafraf to see some agencies dare to go the other way especially in times like this. Grey Amsterdam is putting their Creative Directors in charge.

“Grey Group EMEA announces a reorganisation of its Amsterdam agency today, with a concentration on strategic and creative leadership. The no-silos, all-creativity approach focuses on holistic solutions and flexible resourcing to meet the changing communications needs of clients.”

“We believe clients like to work closely with creatives and strategic planners who are integrally involved in the brand from the ground up. Our approach is pragmatic – in allowing for more discipline but less process we’re removing unnecessary layers which clients shouldn’t be expected to pay for. We’re freeing up space for creativity in any form throughout the process, which is more in sync with what clients are calling for.”

Read more at Adland

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