skittles goes social

Good morning from a very sunny and spring liked London I just started reading my blogs,news etc. You know the normal morning ritual …
The first thing I came across was Skittles that is now entering the social media scene…
the first one is twitter home page itself is solely a tracking of the trending buzz around the search term “skittles” on Twitter. The small overlay navigation pane is the only Skittles-branded bit; everything else is Twitter.
When you are clicking on the “friends” link in the navigation pops to the Skittles Facebook page
Clicking on Media|Photos brings up the Skittles Flickr Page
Clicking on Media|Videos brings up the Skittles YouTube Page
I don’t know if it is necessarily very good but skittles is my fave candy so I have to push it …
Via twitter and Social Customer Manifesto


3 responses to “skittles goes social

  1. Wow, seems like they did a pretty good job implementing/linking all the different sites and services together. / L

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  3. itsureiscoldupnorth

    Bold move from them! All the publicity makes it instantly worth it!

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