Last FM, Simplify and Spotify in your mobile

The Amsterdam Rafraf is lousy in keeping track of her keys. And I don’t know how many times I lost my wallet. But for some reason I haven’t lost my mobile a single time. When it comes to gadgets a recently lost my iPod Mini. There fore I’m glad I can use my iPhone as an iPod. Because I will always have that ine with me and due to statistics I won’t loose it.

So we are all waiting for Spotify to take the leap into our mobiles and let the music free. Apparently it will take a while, and since a lot of tunes still disappears in my playlist I might think of another solution.

But there are of course alternative solutions to this. Like LastFM and Simplify. Both services will still need a connection to a network. But then again you most often is close to one. Anyway. Simplify is a great service where you share your whole music file online to those you choose to. Or just keep you computer connected at home and listen to your own music at work. Then there’s the LastFM application. Which pretty much works like LastFM online.

Both these service are neither perfect. But so is’nt Spotify either. Simplify let’s you browse through your own and connected friends library. You might find new music there if your lucky. Last FM also has its limitations. You most highly would find something you like, but sometime there’s just a short clip of the tune or just 2-3 tunes to choose from your artist.

But using both these services on your iPhone is a great way around this Spotify hype. Just let us hope the record labels truly will come to their senses and let the music free. Whether it means I have to pay a small monthly amount or so.

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  1. Check out my blog for a video of the Spotify iPhone client:

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