Hyperlinking People With Aka-Aki

“All actual life is encounter”(Martin Buber, Austrian philosopher) I found that quote interesting in this digital age…

This is Aka-Aki’s concept:
“Obviously, community websites have become amazingly popular over the past years and offer plenty of useful functions: when i want to know something about somebody, i just click on their profile. I click people. I can click them to write a message and to get in touch. I can click them to see, whether we have friends in common. Problem: this brave new world can only be experienced as long as you’re in front of your computer.
Our idea is to bring about all those functions to real life – and real life is not happening in front of the computer. Fortunately it’s happening in the streets, on trains, in clubs, at parties, fairs and on campus. Real life is all about encounters. Encounters in real life are aka-aki’s main issue. It’s about the people you meet, anyway.”
It’s essentially extending the concept of a “Hyperlinked Reality” to people. Here’s how it goes down:
* When two members meet, their cellphones immediately show their mutual friends, interests, and current “status” (through Bluetooth technology)
* Their “great sticker matchmaking system” determines if there is a match
* Presumably, traditional social interaction ensues

Now, while bringing social media into the mobile space is not new, so far no one has really nailed it. There are friend finder apps to cause serendipity, messaging platforms to stay connected, bookmarking sites to remember places, and mobile dating sites to get some random lovin’.
But what about everyone’s favorite aspect of social networking: Stalking? By that we mean Googling someone, checking out their Facebook profile, following them on Twitter or Tumblr… curiousity-driven fun. It’s this nerve that Aka-Aki could hit. It sees itself as a “socializing game with people at its core.”
via Next Great Thingand Aka-Aki


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