Amsterdam calling!

This is Rafraf Amsterdam heading for some more personal thoughts of my stay here. I’m currently at de-construct in Amsterdam. Spending my last 3 months of the academy year here. Cat the London Rafraf was here during the fall. Which means I have the same flat that she had. Which is really nice. It’s located in the middle of de Pijp. Cool area.

At the office I sit together with the creatives. And ever since I got here I’ve been thrown into different types of meetings and client projects. Sometimes more like a fly on the wall, sometimes more in the middle of everything.

At the moment I’m in two different projects. One is a B2B site for a broadcasting company. They don’t want the typical form 1A boring corporate site. More of a experience that communicates their brand all the way. I think we’re on to something. First presentation for the client is planned to take place at Thursday.

The other project is a bit hard to explain. But it’s a site, that is a tool, and an event/gerilla maybe. We don’t really know yet. But it will all make sense in the ending. Looking forward to put that specific case in the portfolio. We presented the concept last week for the client and got some really good feedback. So now we’re on the next step to twist it yet another round and wrap it up.

The team for the second project is an eclectic mix of origin and skills. Wiktor is a gangsta funky swedish designer/creative, Laurens a smooth dutch flash designer/creative, Fabian a dutch techie guy flash programmer and Marja is the finnish always dressed in black fabolous project manager that keeps track of us. Lots of fun for sure.

People at home ask me all the time if I’m staying here now in Amsterdam. I don’t know. I might. I might not. Time will tell. But I like the city a lot. // Linlin


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