Iphone app to keep track of “that time of the month”…

pmsbuddy_2I am sorry guys this is a uncomfortable issue I know…
New iPhone application tracks menstrual cyclePMS Buddy is available for the iPhone and iPod touch, and is designed to help men keep track of their partner’s menstrual cycle.
The application, which will be available through Apple’s App Store in the next few days, enables users to keep a close eye on the mood swings, headaches and food cravings that often occur at “that time of the month”. Men can use it to be ‘forewarned’ of impending PMS-related issues, while women can use it to monitor their own cycle or that of others
However, Jordan Eisenberger, founder and chief executive of PMS Buddy, told Cnet that the application was genuinely useful and not offensive to women.
“Women don’t appreciate it when you come home and maybe things are a little tense and the man says ‘Hey, do you have PMS?’” he said. “So we thought, ‘wouldn’t it be funny to automate it and make it available to the masses,” said Eisenberg.
Well it is going to come up lots of cellphones apps etc because I am doing alot of research on it right now…
via Wired


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