Thinking about social media

Most of us got run over by the mighty Facebook-wave that swept over us during 2008. Lots of people joined, and the’re still a big crowd using it among my friends both private and work related. Then there’s loads of different platforms, tools, widgets, applications to keep you in touch with your friends and their latest news, music, updates etc.

But. Are you satisfied? Will you move on further to yet another global network similar to Facebook for example? Some of us still uses other local networks as well, like Orkut (Brazil), Iwiw (Hungary), Hyves (The Netherlands).

But Facebook is not all that. Is it? Obviously they will continue to develop their platform but will I care about them in say 5 years? Is the future more niche? WIll there be a one big central platform and several niche networks connected to it? Cause the big hazzle here is of course your profile. Sure there is new applications that allows you to bring your profile easily into new networks, but still you have to make it more personal for that specific network.

But maybe this won’t be such a big issue in the future since the new generations basicly have internet and networking in their genes from start. Geez I’m so old.

So the question I asked earlier, would you bother to get into a new social network might just be relevant for us living right now. But to get started. How many social network platforms are you involved in? Counting stuff as Spotify, Last.FM, Twitter etc.


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